Industrial energy management in the age of renewables.

Our software combines financial and operational data, forecasts your energy costs and sends the right signals for energy optimization. Delivering you more clean energy at 10-30% lower costs.

14 %

Average savings


Years of energy expertise


Febeliec energy award ‘23

Energy problems ?

Industrial energy management 
is getting more complex.
  • Higher energy price volatility
  • New technologies like heat pumps, solar panels and electric vehicles
  • Stricter regulations

The future of energy requires a software-based approach.
  • Brings clarity by combining data from energy contracts and invoices, local energy metering, operations, the grid, the energy market and other relevant indicators like weather data.
  • Forecasts your energy balance and costs. Your unique contract mix and hedging strategy are taken into account to create a robust forecast from thousands of simulated energy scenario’s.
  • Computes the right steering signals to optimize control of your batteries, heat pumps, EV chargers and other flexible assets without interrupting your manufacturing processes.
This drives multiple benefits like lower energy costs, better risk management (day-ahead, imbalance) and cleaner energy use.

Our benefits:

Discover our customer’s previous pain points, and how our features have solved these.
Continuous savings
Before: “We have a consultant working on a project”
Centralized data
Before: “Someone has an Excel with some data somewhere”
Before: “It takes me 4 days every month to analyze our energy spend”
Before: “We only have monthly overviews”
Before: “It feels like we are always in firefighting mode”
Remember, we are your companion
We complement our software offering with tailored advice and guidance.

How does this work?

  • Seamless API integrations with existing systems
  • Powerful big data cloud for stochastic optimization
  • Short-term and long-term forecasting with advanced machine learning techniques
  • Easy-to-use BI interface for reporting

Our software in action

Aerospace customer

Improved hedging strategy, taking into account forecasted production of on- and off-site PPA’s

Biotech customer

Improved contract mix, bringing >10% energy savings. Preparing smart steering of a cooling buffer aiming for >20%.

Manufacturing customer

Reduced solar injection price risk with >50%. Combining energy sharing with smart steering of a painting process.



Thomas is the analytical mastermind of In the past, he worked with large energy enterprises: industrial consumers, grid operators and utilities. He specializes in the financial optimizations driven by our software.


Jonas is the energy wizard of Using his background as an energy engineer and energy consultant, he focuses on the integration of our software with our customers’ operational environment.

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